Friday, 3 April 2009

insane things on jeanette's bday ^^

today's Apr 4th, 2009
it means that i've a friend who gets her birthday today
her name is jeannete
let me introduce 2 actors and an actress who take part in this movie
they're me, wilston, and fenny
story starts

jeannete didn't know that we were planning to surprise her
i was thinking the way to surprise her but didn't have smart idea
jeanette was afraid of getting throwing eggs from us
she was "GR"
we didn't ever think to do it at school because we did know that we would get serious problem with teacher if we did it at school
the time showed 7.30pm
i sent sms to wilston and bolod to help me to surprise her
then we decided to discuss it at wilston's home
when i was at wilston's home, we argued a lot
and we finally got the brilliant and cruel ideas
we went jeanette's home by motorcycle and had had idea to make it happen
wilston and me was pretendin having motorcycle crash and got serious hurt
then bolod screamed, ran and called jeanette to go out
it worked
at that time,
jeanette's neighbours were lookin at us
and it was so embarrassin ^^
wilston and i did it well
jeanette was so panic and frustated
she carried wilston in and bolod and i walked into her house
she looked believe it and took medicine for us
i was starting panic, bolod got a long time to open the box of cake
30secs then bolod came in and sang the bday song for jeanette
all of us sang it and it really did work
jeanette was really surprise and thought that it really happened to me and wilston xD
only that?
after eating the cake together
we would go home
the biggest idea was it
we threw the "telur bebek busuk" on jeanette's head
i couldn't even imagine it
it really couldn't be smelt xD
3eggs were thrown to her
really do apologize o
but everyone says that birthday's only once a year
so we do need a special thing on it
hope it would be unforgettable memory o

at last but not at least
happy birthday janed xD

Thursday, 2 April 2009



begging she not to force me
being 18th isn't easy
there are many things to do
this isn't what i wanna do
i didn't mean that i could anything as i want
but please let me to face my future
that way is really different
please listen to me for this time
i don't wanna give up anymore TT

Monday, 30 March 2009

it made me cried too!!!

during my trip in jakarta
i asked my friend to accompany me to go to situ gintung
after had lunch
we all went to ciputat place, located in tangerang
going to situ gintung wasn't easy
the traffic was very crowded and we all couldn't enter to ciputat by car
then we decided to go there on foot
at that time i thought that the tragedy wasn't so bad
when i saw it using my eyes
the 1st thing happened to me was cry
i couldn't control my emotion again
there were very many died people there
there were so many broken house caused of the small tsunami
the water of situ gintung made this all
suddenly a young boy came to me and cried
seriously i didn't know what was i suppose to do??
i tried to support him
he was looking for his parents for those 3days
he wish that his parents were still alive TT
government of jakarta must concern on this case
it's so crucial to reconstruct the facilities
at least
i'm sorry to know it
i can do and give nothing
just can pray for you all
be tough...........

Sunday, 29 March 2009

visiting him for the 3rd time

i was almost late to wake up
i slept at 10 yesterday
but i didn't sleep well because of i was thinking of him
i woke up and figured out that the time showed 5.30am
i went to airport and arrived there at 6.40

flyin around 2hours made me really sleepy


i was asleep and didn't realize that i'd been jakarta

it was crowded and i didn't know why??

suddenly vincent and angel came to me and surprised me


i'll count it later


without wasting time we went to have breakfast

we talked a lot there

especially about angel
she looked very different now


the time showed 11.00am

it was time to go to meet him

the thing that i'd waited for these 7months

when i arrived to the temple

all of his teachers were there

all of his classmates were there


i silently said, "win, we all were here to meet you, aren't you happy??"

we pray for a while and take some conversation, then

i tried not to cry while discussing him

but i couldn't bear it anymore when saw vincent cried

no wonder if vincent was the first person who cried

he and win sat together since they were 7th grade

and at least, all people there cried


i knew that wasn't you wanna see

but losing friend like you is hard to accept

we all love you

although he is gone forever

but he still lives in our heart


i'm at your home now

it'd been a year more he left we all

but i still can smell his fragrance

his appearance

and his breathing

i, vincent, and angel are lying his your bed

we're gossipping him

wish that he could join us



just wanna tell you

we are glad for being your friends

and you will never be forgotten


1st blogging

I officially declare that this is my first experience in blogging
let's see my own blog later
there're too many words I'd share on this page
wish you all can enjoy it